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Technology and Early Language

Technology Corner The Hanen Centre  

“Your preschooler needs to learn a number of important early language and literacy skills to be prepared for school. These skills include:
  • Story comprehension
  • Letter-sound knowledge
  • Vocabulary
  • Conversation
  • Knowledge of how print works
Parents often wonder whether the use of everyday technology like tablets and smart phones can help build these important skills.  

Technology can help BUT Interaction is Key

If your child is looking at a tablet or a smart phone all by himself, he won’t be learning as much as he could if you were interacting with him at the same time. Research shows that children learn language and literacy skills best during natural, fun interactions and conversations with the important people in their lives. So no matter what activity you’re engaged in – whether you’re having breakfast or looking at an app together – the key to helping your child learn is engaging her in conversations about the things that interest her. The bottom line: Technology can be both fun and useful when you’re using it as a tool to help engage your child in rich, language-filled interactions. Remember, it isn’t the technology itself that builds language and literacy skills — it’s the quality of the interaction you have with each other as you explore the technology together.”