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Services     Assessment: 1 hour comprehensive assessment of your child’s speech and language skills to determine skills and skill level, areas of deficit and goals for therapy.  No referral is required (See below for specific program requirements). Appointments are available in the Kariong Clinic, at the child’s home, preschool and school. Skills areas for assessment include:
  • Receptive and Expressive Language (comprehension and use of words and sentences.)
  • Articulation and Phonology (pronunciation of speech sounds and words)
  • Pragmatic Language (ability to use language appropriately in social situations)
  • Mealtime skills.
The assessment will consist of;
  1. Play-based and table top activities to engage your child and gain the information about your child’s skills in a relaxed, child friendly setting.
  2. Discussion to gather information about your child’s background, development, skills and areas of concern.
Therapy: 30 minute fun sessions to address your child’s deficits, build skills and achieve goals. Activities will be designed for your child that respond to his/her interests and developmental level.  The activities will maximally engage him/her in therapy and promote skill development and achievement of goals. Families are invited to participate in the therapy games and activities. They will be empowered to implement activities and strategies with their child outside the clinic through their participation in the sessions and through discussion and education.            
  • Registered Provider for:
  • Medicare Items for Complex and Chronic Conditions (GP referral required)
  • Medicare Items for children with autism and Better Start for children with disability (referral from the consultant paediatrician or psychiatrist required)
  • Private Health Insurance Funds (refer to your fund for plan coverage details)
  • Helping Children with Autism program
  • Better Start for Children with Disability program
HICAPS is available for immediate Medicare and private health insurance fund claiming following payment.